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Role of education in society

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Role of education in society

Education is very important in life and society. Role of education is necessary for everyone’s life. Education is important for every living person for there every need. It is important at every stage in today’s time. It is necessary and cardinal need to live in the modern world. A person manages himself in any situation independently. An educated person always with a positive mindset.

An educated person gets a job which gives them satisfaction. Role of education is the ultimate factor that provides jobs. So, it plays a vital role in development. Education is the best way to raise the economy. Education promotes knowledge and understanding. An educated person learn the value of life. It keeps people away from wrong beliefs.

Education is the best investment for people because well-educated people get a job which gives them satisfaction. Education is not learning the book and clear exam. It is about learning fact and the value of life.

How education is helpful in daily life:-

1. Capability to learn and write

Role of education makes a person capable to learn and write. Most of the knowledge is Communicated in written form like newspaper, books, magazine, etc. An educated person only can take the benefits of this knowledge. An educated person has the capability of reading, write, signature, identify symbols, etc. A person who has not the capability of reading, writing, and learning is illiterate. An educated person can understand many other views and experience in his knowledge. An educated person daily up to date his views and mindset. It also helps in daily activities like banking, money transaction and traveling. Without education, no one cannot even rely on the above needs.

2. Opportunity to make a decent livelihood

Education gives the opportunity to make a better livelihood. Education makes you an earning person. Without education, no one has enough money which they individually earn even a person could not has money that he or she can eat one-time food because of money. If the person is not educated so, they didn’t have a job. Everything is dependent on money. An earning person is the only person who lives comfortably, independently and takes their own decision without any judgment or without depends on anyone.

3. Helps in communication

An educated person communicate too well. Education gives knowledge of how to communicate with others with fluency. What are our manners? What is a good way of talking?  Communication includes speech, sign, and even body language. A person with better education has refined speech and other ways of communication. The main thing in communication is confidence. Education provides us a good confidence level because an educated person sure that which they speak is right. Without education, you are not even writing an email.

4. Technology

Nowadays, the digital industry becomes the fastest-growing industry. If anybody has not able to use technology like smartphones, laptops, etc is illiterate. An educated person has the ability to use technology. If someone goes for a job interview they must have the basic knowledge of computers. Todays time everything is going digital. Our market is changing from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Only education is the way to live in a modern world.

5. Express views and opinions

Role of education also helps in a person’s life to express his opinions in a better manner. People can communicate with a large audience through videos and more. One can even communicate personal and professional issues by writing an E-mail, books, letter, etc. Many peoples write, novel, poems due to their education. An educated person was able to express views in a large audience.

6. Ability to serve society

Role of education also helped in the rise in the number of medical experts, engineer. teacher, architecture and many others. To provide better service to a vast population. We need the medical expert for their health, teachers for their provide education. Through Education, we can generate skilled personnel. This has lead to better health and also an improvement in lifestyle. Education also helps in developing skills and changing mentality. Education helps in economic growth. Education helps to end poverty. If everyone understands everything without some incorrect thing so, no one could stop to make our country developed.

Educated persons also make a group and start NGO for poor students at free of cost. Which also helps in raising economic growth.

If you are really curious to know how education helps to end poverty. I wrote a detailed article on the same. Providing the link here: (healthy reading everyone 🙂

7. Financial

Education helps in developing financial condition. An educated person does a repudiated job and helps his family in financial condition. If a person is educated or financially strong so the person is eating his meal anytime and anywhere in the world because an independent person is not depending on the family, friend or anyone. Financially strong people have takes their own decision independently.

8. Mind maturity

Education helps in the development of the mind that a person can judge what is right or what is wrong. Education makes a person independent and helps them in follow the rules of the land. It also helps in making discipline in society, self-control or his own responsibility towards family or society. Proper education can help to decrease the crime rate.

9. Safe and secure transaction

Today, all money transaction happens through cheque, credit card, debit card or online. It is difficult to understand the process and if a person is uneducated or want some help from others this can take benefit of it and misuse it because there are many hackers in the world who can misuse your account details.

10. Environment

Role of education helps in making a better environment. An educated person makes an environment where everyone is educated and well performed in a reputed job. They know the technology and they also know how to improve technology day by day. An educated people environment is the only where different culture, religion, and sects come together in school, college, institution and sitting together, sharing there lunch also.


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