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Positive Attitude and Positive Thinking

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Positive Attitude and Positive Thinking

Today , I want to write on the topic positive attitude or positive thinking . I find it very useful and important thing in life and everyone has focus on it .


“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters,” 

Positive Attitude is mental attitude. It’s a state of our attitude in which we except good and favourable result.

In other words, positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that creates that transforms into reality. A positive thinking mind always gets us happiness and a healthy mind.

If we think positive more people will be attracted towards us because you already know how people interact with us. people will always attract with positive thinking.

Perhaps you want to start your own business, change your job or career, start a relationship, improve a relationship, travel the world. Perhaps you simply want to feel happier and more positive each day.

However, research shows that positive thinking really does have a scientific basis. You can’t change the world, but you can change how you perceive it and how you react to it. And that can change the way that you feel about yourself and others, which can, in turn, have a huge effect on your well-being.

How to always stay positive?

1. Don’t think what others say about you

Don’t think what others say about you and why they say it doesn’t matter. if you think about that you become stressed and always think about it. Even you can’t focus on your work. You can’t even sleep comfortably. If someone says about you so don’t feel embarrassed or feeling sad even you feel happy that some talk about you think always positive and see everything as positive. If you take everything as positive always think positive so, there is no power who touch you or hurt you.

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2. Smile 

Another way for your body to “trick” your mind into being more positive is through smiling. The simple act of smiling, even if you don’t necessarily have anything to smile about, can instantly change the way you feel internally. Whether you are sitting at your desk, driving in your car, or walking down the street, smile. You will be amazed by how your mind reacts. Even better, try smiling at a co-worker or stranger you pass in the hallway or on the sidewalk. Did they smile back?

3. Stop negative language

Of course, if you think more positively, the likelihood is that your message will be more positive when you speak it; that should come naturally. Watch out though; you could have a habit of saying things that aren’t helping you.

You might not think it but what you say does have an impact on how positive (or negative) you actually feel. Some people really struggle to come to terms with this. Confident people speak positive language. This helps them to stay positive in their mental attitude.

Saying sorry when an apology isn’t appropriate sends negative signals to your mind. It also communicates a submissive message to the other person. It isn’t a positive and confident action and therefore isn’t conducive to developing self-belief and self-confidence. If taken to an extreme it can also lead to feelings of insecurity and inferiority.

4. Be aware to your thoughts

When you think back and reflect on your memories, which ones do you think of first; the good times or the bad times? This can often be a good indicator of whether you’re a positive or negative thinker.

Come to terms with where you stand here. If you tend to think negatively, don’t let it happen; it’s destructive. When a negative thought comes into your mind, be aware of it, then try to replace it with a positive, constructive one. The negative thought probably won’t go away easily, so persevere each time it enters your mind; make sure you replace it with a positive one every time it happens. Eventually your mind will learn how to think positively and ignore negative thoughts.

Try to do this even when your life isn’t going as you would like it to or when you’re worried about something. This will be the hardest time to think positively because negative thoughts will be most prominent. Train your mind to expect only positive results. Believe that, at some point, your life will change for the better. You can speed this process up if you really want to.

Positive and negative thinking are contagious. A negative attitude can show itself in your body language. This tends to happen on a subconscious level but can still have a significant impact on others. For example, socially, people don’t tend to want to be around negative thinkers because they find them depressing; they find positive people more exciting and interesting. So, negative thinking can have an impact on your friendships and ultimately your social life too.

Your work life can also be dramatically affected; negative people aren’t seen as people with potential and therefore are less likely to be promoted. Just think about it… how many successful business people do you know who think negatively? The answer must surely be none.

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Benefits of positive mind:-

1. Positive thinkers cope with stress faster and more effectively.

2.Better psychological and physical well-being.

3.A positive way of thought lets you be more focused and concentrated.

4.Positive thinkers are more successful in life.

5.the lower level of distress.

6.stronger relationship.

7. More peace of mind.


So, At the end conclusion is that if you think positive , change your attitude negative to positive , never think about others who and what say about you, never live to see others . So there is no work which you should not do. Your success in your hand . you live in a peace of mind. That time you enjoy life and in reality you live life.


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