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How to improve your focus ?

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How to improve your focus ?

Introduction to focus ?

Focus is the reasoning ability that enables individuals to start an undertaking without stalling and after that keep up their consideration and exertion until the assignment is finished. Center enables individuals to focus amidst diversions and difficulties and to support the exertion and vitality expected to achieve an objective.

For example, a child would be using good Focus skills when sitting down to begin an essay and then diligently writing until the assignment is done without getting distracted by the television, Internet, or friends.

How to improve focus power?

There are fairly easy ways to improve your concentration quickly and effectively. Improving your concentration in the long term, though, requires a great amount of effort and time. Even if you practice it for one week or a month, the result won’t be productive if your brain isn’t performing well. If you’re having trouble with concentration, this wiki article may come in handy.

Long term exercises:-

Take Rest

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The biggest factor affecting concentration is the rest that has been approved by research. Concentration requires a calm mind. If your mind is calm and relaxed than your concentration power is automatically increased. So’ it is important to take rest and sleep comfortably but sleeping too much is not an ideal. make sure that you get the right amount of sleep at the right time.


How to Start Meditating by businessinsider: It can be intimidating to start...Enter this infographic, which combines advice from some of the best books on meditation, like "The Miracle of Mindfulness" by Thich Nhat Hanh, "Start Where You Are" by Pema Chodron, and "10% Happier" by Dan Harris.    #Infographic #Meditation

Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.


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Make a schedule for your day . It doesn’t matter that day is working or holiday . Your first duty is always make a schedule and working according to that. If you do work according to schedule you always have a focus on your work which you do on that time.


Always do work according to your interest . If you are interesting in work you will automatically focus on that you will give maximum time on your interesting work than your focusing power will be increased .


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Do work in peaceful place . In peaceful place you focus extra in your work. that is also increased your focus power.

Exercise frequently

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 The ability to concentrate depends a lot upon our physical well-being. If we are tired, unhealthy and afflicted by numerous minor ailments, concentration will be more difficult. Of course, concentration is still possible, but it is just more difficult. However, we have to try to make life easy for ourselves; we need to give a high priority to our physical health.

How to improve focus on Study ?

7 Tricks to Stay Focused While Studying - Society19

Concentrating while studying can be hard, especially when the study material isn’t one of your favorite topics. While studying has never been the most exciting aspects of school, it doesn’t have to be the drag that it is made out to be. With a sense of determination, and by implementing some effective study techniques, even the dullest subjects can be conquered with increased concentration during a study session.focus on study :

These are some factors that imrove focus on your study :-

1.Remove all the wall clocks & hand watches from room & try not to look at any machine which shows time. This will help you to study according to your mood ,not according to time table or clock.

2.Change your sitting position after some interval of time .

3. Drink a lot of water while studying

4.Turn off mobile notifications & put your phone on silent.

5.Play music in soft volume while you’re tired & frustrated.

6.Avoid studying lying on bed.

7.When tired ( after school or college) do unnecessary works like writing lab copy, assignments.

8.When feel sleepy at midnight , wash your face using facewash which contains menthol or some cooling particles . It helps to vanish your sleep magically.

9.Avoid coffee at midnight because it boosts you for some time but after that you will feel sleepy which is more dominating than before.

10.Turn off your room AC if you want to work late night.

11.Need to memorise within very short span of time ? Eat chocolate while studying. Research says chocolate helps to remember things faster.

12.Use old books instead of using new one . It gives you a feeling that someone had already finished this so this might be easy or achievable.

13.Avoid using ebook , instead use hard copies.

At the end for improving focus it is important to wake up in early morning , go to park for walk , exercise and fresh air . Do meditation also . give maximum focus on your work . Do some extra curriculam activities. work according to schedule . avoid using ebooks . Drinking lots of water.avoid studying on bed, etc.

These are some factors which improves your focus .


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