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Can Education end poverty?

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Can Education end poverty?

Of course, it can. A lot of people are poor because they cannot have the ability to communicate to get a job and remain poor… for them, the cycle never ends. Literacy is the cause of a lot of ills happening in our society. In the below paragraphs you will learn many ways to end poverty.

Education could be a step in the right direction, and even very important in ending poverty. however, it’s simply a chunk of the puzzle. To be effective at reducing poverty, education must: offer individuals basic skills, like acquisition, cash management, and thinking skills.

The Root Cause of Global Poverty Isn’t a Lack of Food or Education

Yes, it can be but if it is completely done. Many peoples do education for earning because of their point of view poverty is all about inabilities to earn a decent living due to lack of opportunities or skills and scarcity of resources.

Increased access to education can contribute to reducing poverty. Acquiring basic skills such as reading, writing and numeracy have a documented positive effect on marginalization population income. It increases the rate of return on the economy. Education also changes the structure of food security.

Ways to end Poverty (How can we contribute for the same?):-

According to me, Everyone should do something in a day for poor people which will make you feel good and spread happiness among others. I think education helps in ending poverty but I am mentioning some practices which we can do to end poverty:

Don’t waste food– Sometimes food is saved at home. So, this time don’t throw it into the dustbin you will give it to poor people. If you do that so feel good and the people also respect you. In marriages, many foods are waste and throw on the dustbin do you think sometimes that how many people sleep hungry. So, plz don’t waste food and don’t throw on dustbin you would have to help others.

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Give Knowledge –  Many people are educated at now time and they are free so you can do one thing you have to search poor students in your locality and you have to provide free education to those students.

Festival– On the day of the festivals like Diwali don’t waste your money on crackers and clothes. With this amount purchase some gifts for the poor people. And distribute it among them. Trust me, you will feel really good when you will see others smiling just because of you.

Pay something for Education – People go on vacations so far and spend lots of money. If we spend some money on poor students in their education. So, you feel better than you go on vacation. And they will also blessings to you. You will also set a goal that every year or after 1 or 2 years (anytime which you wants) spend something on poor student’s education.

Ways to end poverty (How education end poverty?)

According to me, education is the main topic for everyone now the time everyone has a right to being educated. So, come now we are talking about how education end poverty and what are ways of ending poverty:

Education can reduce economic inequality – If everyone has received the same amount of education, the disparity between the two working poverty is decreased by 39 percent.

Education can increase earning – According to UNESCO(United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) one extra year of schooling increased individual earning by up to 10%

Education can lead to gender equality – women’s have been proven to reap higher returns from schooling and work in a good post they prove that education is equal for everyone.

Education can lead to peace and justice – Education gives the knowledge of our rights, duties. with the help of education, we have to fight for justice and no one can do injustice with anyone.

Education promotes economic growth – According to the global Partnership for Education (GPE), “In 2050, the value per capita in low-income countries would be virtually seventy percent  higher if all kids were learning.”

How Poverty and Education related to each other?

However, Poverty and education often talk together because both are related to each other it is acknowledged that education is the pathway out of poverty. On an individual level Education can improve food security, improve health standard, reduce child marriage, promote peace and gender equality.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” …

Education reduces poverty to boost economic growth and increases income. It is a well-documented indisputable fact that kids from low-income households square measure considerably less probably to achieve success than their middle and social class counterparts. Studies have repeatedly shown a link between poverty and education. Family financial gain is one in every of the strongest predictors on the market for mensuration success, each within the room and later in life. With fewer resources and fewer of a spotlight on education reception, kids growing up in poorness square measure behind from the terribly starting. menage stresses from living in poorness build up within the kid, creating it very troublesome to focus on education.

Even if they’re about to college often, youngsters in economic condition typically fail to urge associate degree adequate education because of the strain of impoverishment. Since they need such a troublesome time within the schoolroom, the children constitute the position, within which their lack of education prevents any rise on the social ladder. Until recently, it had been unclear precisely what organic process created that the case. However, recent studies have pointed towards memory because of the key psychological issue linking economic condition and education, specifically in tutorial actions.


In the last, Education is an important thing for ending poverty. But it gives a better result when we also contribute to the same. We also have a right to do something for ending poverty and our country

I write the above blog with my point of you. Thanking you for reading my blog you will write also your views on the same topic in the comment box.



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